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Lee Munn SCA OSA

/fine artist


Lee is a landscape style artist. Born in Hamilton, Ontario. His formal

art education began 35 years ago, at the age of 16 and continued

through his late teens when he studied ‘Fine Arts’ at DVSA, and ‘Arts

& Graphic Design’ at George Brown and Sheridan College.

Lee is a firm believer in painting in his home city & province. He

travels all over Ontario in all seasons painting small pieces on location

and taking photographs, then bringing them home to his studio to

turn them into larger paintings. Nature and the outdoors have always

played a strong role in his art.

All paintings were done while listening to one band. If the painting

took ten to two-hundred hours it is still the same band. All paintings

are named to a line with the music that went with it.

Lee is a proud member of SCA “The Society of Canadian Artists”

and OSA “The Ontario Society of Artists”. Lee has a number of

pieces of his artwork exhibited across Canada, the U.S.A and Europe

which is represented in private and public collections.

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